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Screen size range in 14 - Type Laptops Chromebook 23 Cloudbooks 15 2-in-1 detachable 11 2-in-1 convertible 8. Touchscreen No Yes Screen resolution High definition Ultra high definition 11 Standard definition 8. Core type Dual core Quad core 71 Hex core 12 Octa core 1.

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The surface is smooth and has good sliding properties. All movements are accurately translated to cursor movements. The stroke distance is far too short and there is no clear feedback.

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At the edges, the keys do not respond at all. This is far too poor a performance for such an expensive subnotebook. The user will discover various additional keys all over the VAIO, which allow the user to quickly access important functions. The technical specifications of the display looked promising. But the user is going to be severely disappointed by the woeful screen.

The illumination is very good and the low brightness is well distributed over the screen.

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Sony Vaio Pro 13 review - Sony reckons this is the, CONTRACT, OR OTHERWISE,. located on the bottom of your Sony VAIO. Choose from a great . The free laptops are from brands such as Sony Vaio, Dell, HP and Toshiba and the quality of the free laptop usually depends on the length of the mobile contract .

Full coverage is only important when viewing pictures, graphics or editing videos, but this is still a flaw of the screen. The panel does not have annoying reflections, but sadly, under direct sunlight , it is not bright enough for the on-screen content to be legible. However, horizontal viewing angles are decent. The last option 1 TB storage space will push the price up by about EUR when compared to the cheapest option.

This is especially useful when running programs which only require high single thread performance. If the processor is hardly used, it clocks down to MHz and thus saves power. This is probably due to the weaker cooling. The drive has no case and is built into the subnotebook. A "Speed" switch at the top of the notebook allows the user to switch the card on or off. However, not all programs support this switching technology and the laptop must be restarted.

This is probably due to the slim build of the VAIO, which prevents optimal cooling. We tested whether the laptop had enough performance to run the latest games. In full HD with high settings, the laptop can no longer run the game at playable frame-rates. Additional benchmarks for the graphics card can be found in our benchmark list. The high performance hardware requires good cooling. However, the slim build of the laptop prevents optimal cooling. This means that the Vaio has a very loud fan. When idle , the subnotebook remains cool enough to use on the lap.

At load , the notebook should be placed on a table. In the stress test, we ran the processor and graphics for one hour at full load.

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This test shows if the laptop has sufficient cooling to provide full performance. The Turbo Boost increase up to 3. The built-in speakers are not very loud, but they are not too quiet either. However, to view a short video, these speakers are sufficient. The VAIO's power needs depend strongly on the use of the system.

The VPC-SA is not very conservative in standby mode where it consumes 1 W, which is relatively high for a subnotebook.

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This may be a bit too short for most users. The VAIO can even be used to watch very long movies. The design is modern and attractive. The right side houses a USB 3. Buyers who want an attractive subnotebook with good performance will be happy with this VAIO. Such high performance packed into a small case and combined with an optical drive.

Best Displays , for University Students. Left: Audio, Blu-ray drive. Sony's "Start Menu" alternative. Software Sony installs a variety of programs on its models. Maintenance The large flap hides the RAM modules and the battery. Guarantee The guarantee lasts 12 months. Input Devices.